I’m a PhD. math student and a functional programming enthusiast and this blog should reflect that.

My interests are a bit wide to make for a focused blog but fortunately recent developments in some areas of mathematics and computation will make it possible. Woot?

Well, in mathematics I’m mostly interested in geometry and topology, specifically algebraic topology. As for programming, I’m all for type theory, the theoretical foundation of functional programming languages such as Haskell, Ocaml, Idris and many others. The recent developments I mentioned have to do with something called Homotopy Type Theory. Fortunately for me, the first word comes from algebraic topology, thereby creating a beautiful connection between my interests.

I’m not saying I won’t ramble about anything else though.


Oh, and yeah, in case you were wondering where the blog’s name comes from — it’s very prosaic. There are shapes in geometry; computer programs have shapes; patterns and shapes guide our thinking. As Buzz would have put it, ‘Shapes, shapes everywhere’. I’ll just try to tell their story.


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